Radiation Protection

The rectorate is responsible for radiation protection at our university. In order to meet this responsibility, the rectorate appoints authorized radiation protection officers with far-reaching competencies (see: Zentralbereich Neuenheimer Feld, Abt. 2.3 Strahlenschutz, INF 327). At the indiviual departments, local radiation protection commisioners are appointed to ensure compliance with the legal regulations. At the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Ms. A. Schwarz has been appointed as local radiation protection commisioner. All on-site radiation protection issues are handled by the local radiation protection commisioner, who also serves as a contact person for all members of the institute that are working in radiation protection areas.

The relevant legal regulations, directives and guidelines are laid down in the Radiation Protection Act (Strahlenschutzgesetz, StrlSchG), in the Radiation Protection Directive (Stahlenschutzverordnung, StrlSchV) and in the Radiation Protection Instruction (Strahlenschutzanweisung), respectively. All employees with an access permit to the radiation protection areas must be instructed once a year by the local radiation protection commisioner. The employees concerned will be contacted via e-mail. Participation in the instruction lecture is mandatory.

The next instruction lecture will take place in February 2022.

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