Sample Submission

What we need is...

...a form for each sample (download template)

  • Please provide your university e-mail address (,, The results will be send to this address.

  • Please propose a structure (incl. sum forumla) and specify all solvents and reagents that have been used in the synthesis.

  • Please provide your estimate on potential hazards related to your substance, residual solvents and reagents (Note that certain solvents and reagents are legally regulated for safety reasons. Keep in mind that we cannot completely avoid exposure to residual solvents when selecting crystals under the microscope. You got beautiful crystals, but unfortunately these grew from benzene-d6. Please come by - we will find a solution to measure these crystals as well).

  • Once you completed the form, please save it as pdf and send it to: (only pdf accepted).

...the actual sample, i.e. your crystals

  • Samples with a reasonable shelf life: Simply bring your sample(s) to room -1.10 (INF 276), preferrably before noon. There is a fridge and a freezer for sample storage in our laboratory.

  • Samples with a limited lifetime and very sensitive samples: We measure these samples on call (cf. form), i.e. an appointment is essential. We can prepare single crystals under nitrogen atmosphere at low temperature (if this is needed, please mark "TT" on the form).


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